Hi! I’m Walter Soares, a cross-platform Brazilian art director and graphic designer with a passion for making things happen.

With a professional camera β€”or even with my iPhoneβ€” I’m always looking for the best scenes, angles, colors and lights to record the moments and places I set my foot on. Well, it also boosts my Instagram likes.

I’m addicted to TV series, movies and (yes) telenovelas. More than a viewer, I became practically a professional commentator and analyst given my seven years working at the biggest TV channel in Latin America.

You can call me a Fashion Enthusiast too. I’m always connected with the latest trend, because the world seems better when you look pretty.

And I love to see books. Yes, see more than read. Mostly because I own hundreds of books on photography, typography, colors, paintings, design, packages, arts and some with beautiful covers.

Did I mention I manage a business back in Brazil? Well, I don’t actually have employees but my MBA classes are proving pretty handy.